Finet farm, a solar-powered poultry farm


Granja Finet (Arbeca) “excellent exploitation” awarded in the poultry category at the XVI International Fair for Animal Production – FIGAN 2023. According to the jury, the farm has shown an effort to incorporate the latest technologies available in its facilities to improve the energy efficiency of its processes, becoming a self-sufficient farm with 97% solar coverage and reducing nitrogen production, animal welfare and water use.

The farm’s energy system, designed by the Iser Smart Energy team, powers 7,000 m² of buildings on a 20,000 m² site.

The installation comprises:

  • 400 solar panels offering 180kWp
  • 9 inverters/cargadores Quattro 15kVa (145 kVa)
  • 4 Fronius solar inverters of 27kW (108 kW)
  • 7 SmartSolar 250/100A charge controllers
  • 24 x 4 kWh BYD LVL lithium batteries with a total capacity of 370 kWh which were later expanded to 462 kWh

It has two backup generators: one of 350 kVA and another of 180 kVA.

Casa Nilo SL, is a benchmark as a producer of breeding hen in Spain, as it has the largest private chicken coop in the Catalan province of Lleida. Located in Arbeca, 40,000 broodstock birds and 4,000 roosters roam freely on the floor of a temperature- controlled, solar-powered breeding shed.

Chickens are raised in a temperature-controlled environment between 23°C and 24°C in winter, peaking at 26°C in summer.

This is his first foray into solar-powered off-grid farming.

Finet Farm (Arbeca), Excellence Award at the XVI International Fair for Animal Production – FIGAN 2023.

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Finet farm, a solar-powered poultry farm